Terms & Conditions

I. General Provisions
Wholesale Website "Icepure Europe" operating at www.Icepure-Europe.com website is run by Icepure Europe based in Doetinchem, Voltastraat 48A, 7002 JH, Netherlands, entered in the register of economic activities conducted by the KVK under the number 57220891, VAT ID NL8524.88.191.B01. Contact: info@icepure-europe.com, phone +31 314 76 55 50.
II. Conditions of sale

1.Through the website warehouse running at www.icepure-europe.com Portal Operator offers to sell goods on the Internet, in particular water filters for refrigerators side by side and coffee filters, hereinafter referred to as "Goods" or "Products".
2. Part of the contracts with the Portal Operator, due to the sales of the warehouse, can only be wholesalers, shops and services appliances (hereinafter: the "Customer").
3. Wholesale does not sell retail.
4. Purchases may be made only by customers who have an account on the Wholesale website. Register a new account requires the application by the customer data necessary to perform the contract.
5. The process of setting up a new customer account:
a. Customer should fill out the registration form located at "my account". This action is tantamount to an expression of desire to open an account in Icepure Europe Warehouse.
b. Warehouse staff checks the data provided by the client, and then accepts or rejects the request.
c. About acceptance of the application, Consumer will notified by email message sent to the address provided during fill out the registration form.
d.Acceptance is tantamount to the activation of Consumer account and allows to place an orders.
6. Wholesale takes orders via the www.icepure-europe.com.
7. After placing an order, the customer via e-mail will be notified of their acceptance by the Operator portal (this is the moment of conclusion of the contract of sale between the parties).
8. Portal Operator allows to pay for order in more ways.
9. Wholesale starts to execute the contract:
a. for prepayment - after receiving information of the payment or receipt of money into Warehouse bank account.
10. For each order is issued a VAT invoice.
11. If the order submitted by the Customer will not be able to be implemented due to the unavailability of certain Goods, the Customer shall be so informed and no later than two (2) working days from the date of conclusion of the contract (see Art. 7 above) will be refunded sum of money already paid towards the price of the Goods ordered. If such be the express request of the Customer, the Portal Operator indicates deadline for delivery of the unavailable Goods to the Client and if the Customer expressly accepts this term, contract will be considered as valid, but only time of its implementation will change as agreed. Parties may also (at the express request of the Customer) to make other arrangements than those described above.

III. Prices
1. All prices quoted on the www.icepure-europe.com website without VAT. They are expressed in Euro (EUR)
2. Displayed price for Goods is binding at the time of placing an order by the Customer.
3. Delivery costs depend of the place of delivery, methods of delivery and weight of shipment. Delivery costs are calculated and displayed at the time of ordering.

IV. Terms of delivery the Goods
1. All Goods in Wholesale contains information about availability in stock, or information that they will be delivered to the customer request. If the goods are in our warehouse, the shipping is not later than the working day following the date of place an order, in accordance with paragraph II.9 of these Regulations. If the Goods are available only on request, we will inform the customer about expected time of shipping, before payment.
Working days are days of the week from Monday to Friday, which are not a public holidays.
2. Deliveries are carried out through a courier company DHL. About costs of delivery Customer is informed when make a choice of delivery type. Portal Operator inform that some of the delivery of the goods may be temporarily unavailable due to force majeure, including in particular adverse weather conditions. In which case you will receive from the operator a clear information in this regard.
3. Deadline for receipt of the shipment depends of the method of delivery and delivery destination.

V. Complaints
1. If the goods have defects you are entitled to send it to the address of the Portal operator (indicated at the outset of this Regulation). The Portal operator please the customer about include detailed description to the complaint and of possible defects, also an indication of how the client requests the settlement of claims and VAT invoice. Portal operator if necessary, ask the customer to complete the complaint, if the need arises. Any additional questions or requests from the portal operator to the Customer should be the best and fastest way to make a complaint by the customer notified.
2. Complaints will be processed within 14 days.
3. After successfully resolving complaints Goods will be replaced to free of defects, and if this is not possible, you will be able to, at its discretion, cancel the contract and receive a refund of the sale price paid or choose another the Goods Goods to offer the price corresponding to the price the Goods, which to which the complaint was filed.
4. Repayment of the amount due to the selling price must be paid within 3 working days from the date of return the Goods in the manner specified by the customer.

VII. Final Provisions
1. The customer has the right to access his personal data, to correct them and demand their removal from the Portal Operator database.
2. Customer placing an order declares that all the information given by him in the order are consistent with the actual facts.
3. In the case of enlisted by the customer in the warehouse site www.icepure-europe.com any data, Customer represents that they are in accordance with the actual facts, and that the Customer will be entitled to rights to the data, if they constitute works within the meaning of the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and Related Rights (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2006 No 90, item. 631, as amended.) and the Customer will be able to dispose of them and dispose of the extent specified in the Regulations, in particular, is authorized and agrees to publication in the warehouse web site maintained by the Operator. Customer spaces injunction provide the content (data) of an illegal nature.
4. The customer making the purchase at Warehouse agrees to provide his e-mail address to Icepure Europe in Doetinchem and the processing of the Warehouse, icepure europe, personal data in order to complete the survey with the opinion of the transaction in the warehouse in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection dated 29.08.1997.
5. Portal Operator reserves the right to alter product offerings Goods, perform, change and cancel promotions, which will have no impact on the previously submitted and / or implemented for contract customers.
6. Portal Operator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the Rules will be shown (shown) clearly  on the website at least 14 days in advance of the date of entry into force of the amendments. Amendments to the Regulations do not affect the orders placed by the customer prior to the date of entry into force of such changes, ie, your order will be executed on the basis of existing ones. The above changes to the Rules of Customers will also be notified via e-mail (email).
7. Any complaints or problems can be reported to the Portal Operator on email: info@icepure-europe.com.
8. Any disputes which may arise between the Parties under or in connection with the contract entered into between the parties on the basis of the Rules, the Parties agree to settle amicably. In case of disagreement between the Parties to the dispute shall be resolved exclusively competent common court located in Zutphen (this provision does not apply to customers who are consumers within the meaning of Civil Code).
9. Every Internet user has the right to take the Regulations in printable format from the website and save it on any storage media.